M9 Group is a professional business development firm with the goal to enhance the lives of people and communities by improving the enterprise, commerce and employment experience. M9 Group supports the dream by providing the resources, strategies and support to launch and maintain prosperous results .

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Our team of professionals hold a background and a proven track record working with start-ups to multi billion-dollar companies. We respect that many organizations have a handle on their business and we do not seek to disrupt a culture. However, we maintain a deep reservoir resources, proven to advance companies and careers in quantum leaps. 



Our primary offering is to provide operating capital to innovative companies that deliver a product that contributes to a quality of life for people and a community. we can help secure intellectual capital or financial funding. We can also help lead a company to an IPO or merger/acquisition that will help stabilize a companies position in their market-place.


Helping a company with its Business Development efforts is what we are very good at. We can help establish a successful strategy and the resource connections and/or expertise to fulfill the needs of an enterprise. Whatever is needed to establish solidity within an organization, M9G haas the resource from Branding to Legal Counsel.


We need revenue to survive and profits to provide for the humanitarian projects we fund. Our desire is to be among the leading humanitarian providers in the world. Although, We recognize we cannot solve all the worlds' problems alone, we can lead the charge. We help build hospitals, schools and other infrastructure in needed areas all around the world.

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Steve Jobs, said that he did not hire smart people to tell them what to do – he hired smart people so they could tell him what to do. He also stated that you don’t build a successful business, you build people and the people build the successful business. For many years M9 Group has placed quality people with the appropriate opportunity. 



The worlds most successful people will tell you that success in anything is 80% Psychology and 20% Strategy. Getting into the right frame of mind is key to advancing into a higher level. The key to a fulfilling experience is knowing how you are, knowing exactly what you want and knowing how to get it.


Order is the mother of success. Prosperity and abundance is achieved through momentum and momentum is energy aligned. Alignment is the clear path created by appropriate and proper procedures, as well as, a hierarchy that guide actions.


Your identity is more important than you might think. Having an appealing mark that is consistent throughout your collateral and outreach efforts will help move your offering in a speedy and broad manner.


No matter how unique or good the product or service is, without a distribution strategy, there will never be an exchange between manufacturer and consumer. It takes much more than skilled salesmanship and special offers.


Long term sustainability depends upon maintaining relevance. Being relevant requires managing growth through strategic resources whether investment resources or other tactical funding platforms including, IPO or M&A's.